Termite Management

Termites and the damages they cause on wood present a great danger to homes in numerous parts of the world. The insects live in colonies and are very secretive when infesting the yard and buildings within a property. This makes the pests extremely difficult, if not impossible to discover by a non-professional. The termites might be causing serious and even irreparable damage to the wooden structures in the property, which can cost thousands of dollars while their presence remains unnoticed.

The other problem is that they are very hard to eradicate and permanent and sometimes aggressive measures have to be taken for their removal form the home. Thus, every homeowner should take the necessary measures to insure effective termite management within their property. As a result infestation and major damages should be efficiently prevented.

The termite management should begin with the building of the home itself. A treatment with borate solution of all wooden structures and materials used in the construction is the first step that should be taken. The same applies to backyard wooden constructions such as patios, garages and gardening materials and tool sheds.

The borate solution, sold commercially, is very efficient – it affects the digestive track chemicals that the termites have to help them decompose the wood into a nutritious form so that they are no longer active. In this way the insects are starved and will die or at least be forced to leave your home. It is important to have in mind that the borate solution is harmless for humans and mammals. However, have in mind that once the pests have infested your property, a termite treatment of the wooden structures with the solution will not kill the insects, which makes it effective as a preliminary measure.

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